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Unteres stockwerk weinkarte.


0,75 lMöet Chandon Brut Imperial1.600,-


0,75 lBohemia regie Demi sec355,-
0,75 lBohemia regie Brut355,-

Wein im Glas

Weiß, rose weine

0,2 lRýnský Ryzlink - Spätlese90,-
1 lChardonnay290,-
0,5 lChardonay150,-
0,2 lChardonnay60,-
0,2 lRosé wine60,-
0,2 lLambrusco bianco - Italien60,-

Rot weine

0,2 lRulandské modré - Spätlese90,-
1 lMerlot290,-
0,5 lMerlot150,-
0,2 lMerlot60,-
0,2 lLambrusco roso - Italien60,-


Weiß Weine

Vinné sklepy Valtice a.s.
0,75 lRot Tramin - qualität
This wine is spicy, with a distinctive spicy aroma and taste. In taste, full, extractive, which complement harmonious acids. We recommend the roasted chicken meat, desserts or also to match the goat cheese.
Vinařství Baloun V. Pavlovice
0,75 lPinot Gris - qualität
This kind of wine has very noble light flora aroma with south fruit tones. The taste is full, extractive by harmonic acids.

Rot weine

Vinné sklepy Valtice a.s.
0,75 lPortugal blue - qualität
This is a gentler wine with a strong color, light, fresh bouquet and elegant taste.
Vinařství Baloun V. Pavlovice
0,75 lPinot Noir - qualität
Wine with fruity aroma and slight tone of violets.Intensive, fruity-spicy flavour with a plum jam in background.

Mährischen Region

Weiß wein

Vinařství M.Spěvák Velké Bílovice
0,75 lRiesling - Spätlese
Shimmering golden-greenish color, subtle fruity flavor enriched with the scent of blooming meadows moist soils deliver tones with fresh and full of flavor with mineral notes. It can be recommended for grilling fish or cheese Gruyère-type.
Ing. František Mádl Velké Bílovice
0,75 lMüller Thurgau - cabinet
A nettle, peach and acid is very expressive for continuous youth of this wine. Who does not like to get old, he should put the wine for the archive and get younger every time if he drinks it.
Vinařství Petr Skoupil, Velké Bílovice
0,75 lGrüner Veltliner - cabinet
Mild wine with a fruity aroma, yellow greenish colour and fresh acid. It has a delicate, spicy almond flavour. We recommend serving it with vegetable salads, cheese, and also with fried dishes.
Moravíno Valtice
0,75 lChardonnay - Spätlese - barrique
The wine is light yellow colour with light green tones. Alluring aroma after exotic fruit and white flowers. Agreeable fresh acids compose fresh experience of drinking this wine. This wine accords as an appetizer; go together with fish, sea-food, salads and poultry and delicate, hard and fresh cheese and blue cheese.
Vinařství Spěvák, Velké Bílovice
0,75 lRot Tramin - cabinet
Deep golden yellow color, made from very ripe grapes, soft spicy acidity, aroma of wild rose and violets, fresh elegant wine with fruity character with a larger and celebratory drinking. A relatively young wine that will nazrávat to spicy and honey tones.

Rosa weine

Vinařství M.Spěvák Velké Bílovice
0,75 lBlaufrankisch rose - Spätlese
Pleasant fruity smell with tones of wood fruits. In the taste is dry, fruity, lightly rounded and delicious. Simple trust, technological well made wine, which satisfyes wide layer of sonsumers. It is ideal to drink on summer terrace. Semi-sweet.

Rot weine

Vinselekt Michlovský
0,75 lPinot Noir - cabinet
Bouquet of ripe raspberry, blackberry and black cherry flavor is complemented by tones of garden jam and forest fruits, with fine horkočokoládovou aftertaste.
Vinařství Baloun Velké Pavlovice
0,75 lCabernet Sauvignon - Spätlese
Wine at first glance to dark purple ruby color with garnet reflections. The aroma is full and heavy. We find in it traces of blackberry, black currant and wild berry jam. On the palate the wine is massive and extractive. It attracts forest composition and stewed dried fruit with hints of dried sloes.
Tetur Velké Bílovice
0,75 lNeronet - qualität wine barrique
Big aromatic complexity with concentrated fruits, rich and ripe Rot and black cherry, matuRot cassis, spices.
Moravíno Valtice
0,75 lBlaufrankisch - Spätlese - barique
Wine of a ruby Rot colour, with aroma resembling drupe seeds. The flavour is deep, with pleasant tannin and a well-balanced proportion of tartaric acids. It goes well with pasta and game, especially when cooked as a spicy dish.
Vinné sklepy Valtice a.s.
0,75 lDornfelder - Spätlese
Wein occupies at first sight intensive dark garnet-Rot colour with violet to black reflexes. The aroma remind of mixture of forest fruit with touch of chocolate. We advise this powerful Wein to gastronomic edits beef and venison.

Ausländische Weine

Weiß weine

0,75 lPetit Chablis, L´eglantiére
Clean, intense and fruity aroma with subtle notes of ripe apples, citrus and minerals. The palate is full, rich, crisp, lively, solid mineral structure and at the end of the harmonic acidity and a touch of honey.
0,75 lChardonnay - Carmen
This refreshing and aromatic Wein is rich full-bodied with a hint of vanilla. Dominate in particular tropical tones with a slightly mineral finish. 30% of the Wein matures for 2 months in French oak barrels. Suitable for salmon.
0,75 lLambrusco Bianco225,-

Rot Weine

Grand Bateau Bordeaux
Wein of dark ruby color, with a strong aroma of ripe fruit and spice and elegant undertones of new oak casks. Harmonious, medium-bodied Wein with a beautifully rounded and soft tannins.
0,75 lLambrusco Roso225,-

About vintage will you informed by service staff.

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